7 Questions About Child Custody You Need To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

by Sofia
Child Custody

Are you worried about child custody after your divorce? If yes, you need to seek a divorce lawyer who can help you achieve your objectives better. If you do not seek child custody assistance from an expert divorce lawyer, then the legal proceedings can be complicated for you.    

You need to know the procedures that can help you to achieve your goals appropriately. Ensure that you have selected the right person as your divorce lawyer to help you meet your requirements better to achieve your objectives. Do not make the wrong selection of a person regarding your child custody case. 

Essential Questions To Ask For Your Child Custody Case To Your Divorce Lawyer 

Child Custody

Several essential questions are there that you can ask your divorce attorney to develop your case in the right direction. Let’s find out some of the crucial facts in this regard. 

1. Which Laws Will Be Applicable For My Case?   

Different states have different sets of rules and guidelines regarding child custody cases. You need to enquire that thing properly to your divorce lawyer. The divorce law and the child custody laws vary from state to state and your current case scenario. 

You have to seek the assistance of the best divorce lawyer who can guide you properly regarding the current state rules regarding your child custody case. You must have clear and transparent knowledge regarding your child custody case. Ensure that you have the right choices from your end while developing your brand image. 

2. What Will The Court Take Into The Consideration? 

Your lawyer knows what type of things your judge will consider while ruling your child custody case in court. These factors are considered seriously by the judge while disclosing his decisions regarding the child custody case.   

Some crucial factors will include certain essential things you must know from your divorce lawyer for your child custody case.    

  • The bonding between the child and each of their parents. 
  • The health of each parent can be taken care of with the sites.   
  • The requirement of the emotional needs of the child. 
  • The increase of the developmental needs of the child. 
  • Whether each parent can develop a stable environment for the child. 
  • Whether the chance of child abuse signs are there or not. 
  • The ability of each parent to provide the proper care for the child or not.   

Your judge will consider some of the crucial factors while developing the case in your favor. You have to plan out ways that can help you to achieve your objectives in the right direction. 

3. Will Mothers Automatically Get Custody? 

Certain states in the USA award mother custody to the child directly. In such a scenario, the Father must prove the mother’s incompetence in properly parenting the child. You need to disclose these facts to your lawyer, and your lawyer can build a strong case revolving around that fact.   

Father has to prove that point in the court that mother does not have the right competence with them for providing proper parenting to the child as she lacks the essential resources. You cannot consider these facts for granted. 

4. How Will Your Visitation Work?  

You can ask your lawyer whether both the parents can make arrangements for the child’s visitation by creating a mutual understanding between them or not. It will help you to achieve your objectives properly at the right time.   

If you have set the time for meeting your child, you have to inform the court adequately. It will help you to achieve your objectives in the right direction at the right time without any issue. Even after that, if you plan to make changes in the visitation agreement, you can, but you have to inform the court. 

5. How Does Child Support Work?   

The person who has child custody may ask for financial support from the court for getting the food, shelter, and Child’s well-being. It will help the child get things done correctly at the right point in time. 

The court is very sensitive about the child’s well-being once the child’s custody is decided. You have to frame out the right strategy with the help of your lawyer to make things perfect for your case. 

You have to ask your divorce lawyer to ask or plead for financial support for child custody in court. If yes, then to what extent you can ask for financial help from the court so that it does not have a reverse impact on your child custody. 

6. How To File For Custody? 

The most important fact here is to know how to file the Child custody petition to the court in the correct order. You have to make ways during your legal separation when planning to file legal custody for your case. You need to plan things that you can achieve in the best possible manner in the right direction. 

First of all, the father has to prove that he is the biological father of his child, and after that, you can file a suit for your child’s custody in court. You have to plan things out correctly to help you achieve your objectives in the right way to get the best benefits from your divorce lawyer for your child custody case. 

7. Do You Have To Pay Child Support?    

If your child is involved in the case but does not have custody, you may have to pay for the child care support to your ex-wife if she is financially incompetent. You have to plan out ways to help your child achieve their objectives correctly at the right point in time.   

You need to plan out ways to help you achieve your objectives in the right direction at the right time. Do not make filthy choices while planning to get the child care support of your child from the case. 


Hence, these are some of the facts that can help you achieve your goals for achieving child custody from the court. You have to prove the point in the court that you are competent to give proper upbringing to your child, and regarding the financial aid, you are strong enough to take responsibility for your child.

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