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We are always open to more knowledge and information that are coming from other writers, authors, or bloggers. Our main priority is to serve our readers with more information and quality content. So, we allow guest posting on lowermylegalfees. But there are some necessary guidelines for that.

  • You need to start with an attractive title containing 60 to 64 characters. 
  • Your content has to be of a minimum of 800 to 1000 words. However, you have more pieces of information to enrich your content, feel free to extend it. 
  • In order to make the article more understandable to our readers, use H2, H3, or other headings as well. 
  • Ensure your article is SEO optimized enough. 
  • No grammatical errors are expected from our guest bloggers.
  • Your article has to be 100% original; even 5% or 7% plagiarized articles can not be entertained.
  • Include royalty-free photos for improving your article. 
  • Using bullets, numbers, and tables is always a good idea to help our global readers understand the content more easily. 
  • We accept the author’s link as a no-follow tag. But in case you wish for a do-follow tag, it is advised to contact us
  • Submit your content with a short author bio of 20 to 40 words. 
  • Once the article is published on our website, do not share the same piece with any other websites.

If you have any other questions regarding our website, guest posting requests, advertisement, the feedback, you can contact us any time or mail us at webmaster@redhatmedia.net.