Fighting A Bitter Divorce Battle: 7 Things That Can Help You Emerge On Top

by Sofia

Maybe you have never thought in your life that you will have to go through a divorce. But you are going through now. You are going through a lot; during this specific time, there are a lot of things that you need to make sure are totally on the right track. 

As tempers are frayed, cases are really difficult to settle, the lawyers may have different views, or the parties disagree on the fact. All these obstacles also can be settled so that you can emerge on top of your divorce case. 

7 Things Of A Divorce Battle That Can Help You Emerge On Top

When you have made your mind about getting a divorce, then it is sure that you will go checking for divorce lawyers. But still, there are some things that you also need to consider if you want to emerge on the top. These tips will help you in fighting a bitter divorce. 

1. Lots Of Elbow Grease

When on a divorce case, we often witness the other party presenting waggish and weird claims. And it is totally normal to become frustrated, overwhelmed, and furious, but the best reaction is to take a deep calming breath and start filing all the evidence that will disprove the claims of the other party. 

It requires perseverance and time. You also have to have the willingness to leave any stone unturned, and even on occasion, go for dumpster diving in order to gather all the pieces of information which will demonstrate the other party’s dissembling in the court. For counteracting a lying adversary, it is the only way. 

2. Develop A Compelling “Theory Of The Case”

This is more likely the hardest technique to summarize, explain, and master. Each side of any controversy always has a story or a narrative. Along with this, each party will say they are right and treated unfairly. When each of them is true, or we can say it has the element of truth, they will compel different results. The narrative or story that the judge will buy is going to win the lawsuit. 

With specific skills along with a deep understanding of both social and psychological human behavior, a divorce lawyer will be able to build a narrative, which is consistent with all the facts that are essential. This will leave the court with a compelling feeling that justice needs the result of the advocate. Or maybe there is a great injustice, which requires it to be rectified. 

3. Dissipate The Anger

There are a lot of people who stay in unhealthy relationships for so long. And they often feel embarrassed or ashamed with the fact that their spouses have left them. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. It does not mean one failed as a life partner. Two great people can often fail to be with each other in a relationship; it is all about compatibility and nothing to feel shame about.

Sometimes along with the negative experiences, it also becomes so bitter that one becomes really aggressive and goes for revenge on things that one has to pay for what he or she has done. But a good lawyer will always help you to overcome all these mental conditions just by being by your side as a friend and therapist. He or she will also be able to represent you well. 

4. Rehabilitation

Many parties and cases often have shortcomings and weaknesses that can affect legal claims. That does not mean a parent with drug abuse and anger management problems will get custody. But there are some scenarios when the person wants to change and improve. This will also enhance their ability to get success on the court. 

Many divorce lawyers also help their clients in this case. They help them to go for rehabilitation. In the court, they also represent this very fact so that the court can consider the case. A parent may voluntarily take part in anger management or drug or alcohol abuse programs. While the lawyer will try hard to make sure he or she is getting more time with their children. 

5. Use Legal Jiu-Jitsu

From other martial arts, Jiu-jitsu differs. Here the practitioner uses the attacker’s own force against him or her. Rather than counterattacking and resisting, the defender redirects the power and momentum of the attacker; it is also used against the attacker. This is a really effective technique that expert and experienced lawyers use really often. 

Carefully contemplating the posture of an adversary may often reveal shortcomings along with the strength of the advisory. And a great lawyer will eventually use it for the betterment of his or her own case. This way, the advisory’s strength will become your, and for them, it will become a weakness. 

6. Adjust Your Sight

Sometimes the best way of winning a case is asking for the slice of the pie you are entitled to rather than demanding the whole. So, it is really important to determine realistic and achievable goals. Generally, the lawyer takes the counter in this case. But you also need to make sure that your lawyer is not offering the minimum solution without doing all the necessary work and being lazy.

Rather than choose a lawyer who is always ready to do all the work that will be required in order to get the maximum that you deserve. You also can do your part by analyzing the case and the probable outcome from it. And after that, on the basis of them, you can yourself build a list of the slices that you can demand easily; after all, you have your own rights. 

7. Negotiate A Favourable Resolution

Sometimes, the only way that is left for winning the case is to negotiate it away. This way, you retain control over the resolution by negotiating. In case you have bad facts which will drown your case in the court, then it is best to offer the other side such an offer that they can not refuse. People also say that even the worst possible settlement is far better than the best possible juridical decision. 

And the reason behind this is the party has control over it. In addition to this, at the same time, the party stops the emotional and financial hemorrhaging costs of the litigation that can be ongoing. This way, you also will be able to keep your secret from the public eye. If you want the best possible result, you need to search for the best negotiator who will be able to serve you that. 


So, here are the 7 things that can help you emerge on the top when you are fighting a bitter divorce battle. Make sure you have one of the best lawyers with you when you are walking to the battleground. So, you should not compromise your rights. 

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